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Burel Credit Consulting Service

Getting Started

Step 1: Complete Your Program Enrollment Packet

During the enrollment process, you will fill out all necessary paperwork associated with obtaining Burel Credit Consulting as your Credit Repair Consultants. At this time, you will also be obligated to pay the one-time only set up fee. (See Pricing)

Step 2: Get a Copy Of Your Credit Reports & Scores

If you do not have a recent copy of your credit reports & scores, you will be directed where you can obtain them online immediately. You will need to obtain credit reports at, or

Step 3: Send Your Credit Reports To Us

Once you have your credit reports in hand, make a copy for your own records and forward the original copies to us immediately. The sooner we receive your credit reports, the sooner we can begin the credit repair process.

Step 4: Credit Analysis

Upon receipt of your reports, your Credit Repair Specialist will examine each entry for items which have a negative impact on your credit score.

Step 5: Your Credit Repair Specialist Will Contact You

Your specialist will get any additional information that may help with your credit reports and discuss any facts with you that may help in clearing up issues.

Step 6: You Will Receive Updates

Your Credit Repair Specialist will send you updates as work is completed. In addition, you will receive correspondence from the credit bureaus. When you receive correspondence from a creditor or credit bureau, you will need to make a copy for your records and forward the original to us.