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Burel Credit Consulting Service


Good Afternoon Mrs. Burel,

     I just wanted to email you and say Thank you and how much I appreciate everything you did for me with regards to my credit. In December of 2015 I first contacted you to help me with my credit because, I was in the process of trying to become a homeowner. I followed everything you asked me to do and, I did it to a t. You in turn told me to be patient and in one year, I would be ready for a home with no issues. I know I'm really late but, I want to tell you that In November of last year I closed on my very first home. Not only was I pre approved before the time you allotted for me, I was approved for a new construction. I closed on November 16th last year with a VA mortgage and a 3.4 interest rate. I was ecstatic!!!

So I just want to thank you for helping me achieve one of my many goals of becoming a home owner.

Thank you so much and I will definitely spread the word of how much you've helped me achieve this goal in such a short time.

Thank you again.

Corey Hatfield, Sr.


I want to take the time to Thank you Ericka for all of her work and help. You have truly been a blessing. You did what I thought would be the impossible. Your credit repair program was great my credit was in the 400 I was not able to get a house at the time you cleared off numerous items off my credit report. You cleared items off my report and you showed me and told me how to keep up my credit report and how to maintain my credit report. I will refer anybody to this program Ericka does magnificent work and I can stand here today with a praise report and say I am a home buyer and my credit score has went up tremendously I can say you turn the impossible to a possible Thank You Ericka you are greatly appreciated.

B. Walker


I would like to take out the time to share my testimony with others and let the world know how wonderful Ericka Burel has been. Let me start by saying that Ericka is WONDERFUL!! She’s very helpful, honest, and very professional; I’m so glad that I found her she has been a huge blessing in my life. I am a young single mother that didn’t have very good credit at all, but I wanted to change all of that to better my life and to be able to go and get anything that I want. I have been working with Ericka a little over 2 months now and my Equifax , Experian, and Transunion scores have went up tremendously! I know this sounds too good to be true but I promise you it’s not, she works very hard and it shows in her work. I’m so excited about continuing to work with her and I will refer anyone to her any day! I can go on and on about how this has helped me but I just wanted to share my testimony. Thank you so much Ericka for all your hard work and dedication your hard work does not go un-noticed!!

S. Doffoney


I would like to take the time out to thank you for your help us in repairing husband and I credit it took no time to bring scores up, because of you, husband and I got pre approved for a home we made offer then the next day the seller accepted offer and we'll be closing in March you have made our dreams come true.

Thank you again

Joshonda and Reginald Owens



Since it has been 30 days we also reapplied for our mortgage and in a matter of minutes we were APPROVED! I can't thank you enough. You have been able to accomplish in 30 days what we have been working on for 2 years. I am one satisfied customer and will be sending more business your way. I already have 3 individuals who are very interested in working with you.

Thanks again

Rhea Davis


Mrs. Burel,

Before I was married, while in the military serving in Iraq, I experienced the dreadful Identity Theft situation. I thought it would be easy to fix, so I got to work. Needless to say; that was 2003-2004 and as of April 2013 it was still not corrected. I felt that if I gave it time it would fix itself after failing the first couple of rounds with the credit reporting agencies. Long story short, I met someone who referred me to Burel Credit Consulting and in 2 months my score moved over 150 points on my Transunion and my Experian. We all know that Equifax is stubborn. However, my Equifax has moved almost 100 points. My wife and I have been wanting to do things as we have expanded our family. They seemed so far away 2 months ago. Now they are very possible! Thank You Mrs. Burel!




I'm a witness that Mrs. Burel is a true professional who makes what may seem impossible very possible. I went to Mrs. Burel in May 2013 with an embarassing FICO score of 455. It's now July 2013 and my score has shot up to 648 thanks to Mrs. Burels hard work. For the first time in my life I was told yes for credit cards. Yesterday I was able to finally go and buy my dream car, a Z06 Corvette with a low 4% interest rate. This woman is amazing and loves what she does, this is why her efforts pays off. I guarentee you that if you're looking to better your credit, buy the home or car you're needing and wanting, better your life, then call Mrs. Burel. This is a real testimony and possibly the best decision I've made. I plan to continue working with Mrs. Burel until I accomplish my goal of high 700 fico scores and closing on my first home. God Bless you and your family Mrs. Burel, I greatly appreciate you and all you do!

Karl Augustus

Sergeant First Class, US Army Retired


This is not a fake testimony Mrs. Burel has really changed my life around. She fixed my credit when I thought it was not possible to do. My credit went from 500's into the sevens within months not joking.. This women is a blessing and it gives her pleasure to know she has helped someone achieve a goal!!! I love her!!! May god keep blessing her to help others!!!

Lacretia W.


Mrs. Burel,

First and foremost I want to thank God for sending you to my family, Through your efforts and knowledge of credit consulting, my family and I were able to not only build a new home from the ground up, but also purchase a new vehicle as well. Our lovely home is 2800 square feet all custom and I am so blessed that you were able to open the door for my family. I love the fact that you were so very professional and every time I called you, there was no delayed response time back. You also educated me on what I need to do as well to raise my credit score and everything you said was very accurate and true. I will highly refer you to any and everyone that I know so you can help them as you helped me. Again I can’t say thank you enough for how you have blessed my family.


The Lewis family